Welcome to my blog, a place were I can free up some space in my head by releasing into the world some thoughts, ideas and general musings on a vast array of topics that have puzzled, interested and irritated me  in equal measure, over the years. I’ve come to the realisation  that I have to unburden myself  in some way  and  if I carry on using my long suffering  girlfriend as a sounding board she’ll  soon be my ex long suffering girlfriend. So here I am, in the warm fuzzy embrace of the Internet.


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76 thoughts on “About

  1. Bakedbean says:

    Awesome!, I am loving these blogs.

  2. Brian Cosgrove Payne says:

    Hello Mr. Thompson, I’ve been reading your blog recently, and I love the content! Your insight into MMA ranks among the best I’ve ever read. However, I’m noticing a trend throughout your blog posts. Minor grammatical and spelling errors seem to appear at a noticeable rate. I do not care about these mistakes, but some will judge the quality of your content by this factor alone. I do not want that to happen. Your thoughts should carry weight with all true fans of MMA. Because of this situation, I would like to offer my services as an editor for your blog posts. Obviously, this would be free, and any stylistic edits I make would be subject to your approval. I would love the opportunity to help improve your blog in any way I can. Please email me if you are at all interested in my services.

    • jcolossus says:

      Thanks Brian. I appreciate there are some errors with spelling and grammer, believe me when i say that it’s alot better once my gf has had a look at it and corrected some of the mistakes. I normally pester her past midnight to check it, so I can forgive her for not getting it perfect. Think it’s getting better with spelling and grammer each time, but i am biased i guess. I hope the errors aren’t too painful for everyone, and I thank you for your kind offer to edit my blog and I’ll be in touch in the future if I feel I can use your offer of help. Cheers my friend

  3. Josh says:

    This got posted on r/mma over at Reddit. That’s how I got here. So far, I’m really enjoying the posts. Keep it up.


    • jcolossus says:

      Thanks Josh, good of you to say m8. I saw reddit on the stat’s section of my blog but hadn’t heard of it until now. Not 100% sure what it’s all about on there yet, but will check it out properly when have more time. Appreciate your support

  4. nasawiu says:

    I’d love to see you blog about fights being worked. You’ve been in two fights I can think of in which the promoter had a vested interest in seeing you lose. Against Kimbo, with the ref making a doctor stoppage, probably to protect their investment) and against Mariusz. Do you think you’ll relate your experiences in those fights?

    • jcolossus says:

      Great Idea m8, i shall steal it and pass it off as my own. Hear alot about mma fights being ‘worked’ and think it’s a really good topic to get out there. Like you said ,with my experiences i can put my 2 pence worth in. Cheers Pal

  5. Ben in Baltimore says:

    Hi James:

    First off, best of luck as you prepare for Bobby Lashley. Now onto this blog. As a fan of MMA, this is a real treat to get to hear the musings and thoughts of a professional-level competitor. I was curious if you would ever accept requests from fans of stories they’d like to hear. There are so many aspects of your career, and of the sport of MMA as a whole, that would be fascinating to learn more about directly from you. Regardless, your blog has been saved as a favorite and I can’t wait for subsequent posts.


    • jcolossus says:

      Alright Ben, i’m always up for hearing about what people want to hear about. Don’t want to get too sycophantic and just talk about myself in every blog, so will try to do a varied array of topics. That said any suggestions of topics, i would gladly muse over

      • Ben in Baltimore says:

        Thanks for the reply! Keep in mind that most of us reading this blog are fans of you as a fighter, so don’t be bashful about self-indulgence and writing about yourself.

        As for topics, I would echo some of the comments from the user “nasawiu” above. I would love to hear your side of the Kimbo and Pudzianowski fights. You got robbed against Pudzianowski and anyone who was watching the Kimbo fight knows that The Colossus was clearly controlling that fight until the shady cauliflower ear stoppage. I would also enjoy reading about some of your earlier scraps in your career (Dan Severn, Giant Silva, etc.) or any comical tales from your time in Japan where fighter reverence is high. I bet you’ve got some good stories tucked away that can be relayed with some Mancunian wit.

      • jcolossus says:

        I shall certainly be making some up if I can’t remember some of the good ones haha.

  6. Will Samuelson says:

    James Thompson, you are a dude. I lost three on the bounce as a heavyweight back in 2006 and bowed out in shame; I watched your career with interest with mixed results and pride aswell as disappointment. You’re a legend mate because as many people don’t take you seriously, you are still in there and have achieved twice as much as half of the competitors in this country. Keep your chin up (and keep your chin down haha). Props to the megapunk. Thanks.

    • jcolossus says:

      Alright Will, really appreciate this message as I can tell you know how hard things can be in MMA, don’t know if your still doing MMA or what your situation is, but some of this shit is out of our control m8 and no matter how hard you train and try to accept the knock backs, things dont always go to plan. I’ve been fortunate pal and realise that no matter how bad the losses can make you feel, having good people around you is the most important thing of all

      • Will Samuelsonm says:

        On and off but I’m only 30 and still have dreams (don’t we all). Maybe we’ll get to roll sometime… Keeping your mind on track surely is the key to the largest chunk of the battle and only those closest to you can really keep you propped up when it’s all going to sh**. Look forward to whatever else you do in the future (including repping it out in India!). P.S – my wife is Polish but it was still easy work to have 19 Polish guys and girls wandering why the hell KSW tried to take that W away from you. Keep grinding away and we’ll watch: Keep writing your stuff and we’ll keep reading:)

      • jcolossus says:

        Wise words m8, appreciate it

  7. We would like to interview you James at ProMMAnow.com. Please contact at promma@gmail.com

  8. I like the blogs so far. Great insight to Pride days and MMA in general. I’ll admit I was never really a huge fan. I did enjoy most of your fights. I enjoyed it when you went off in Poland. After reading your first blog I really started to appreciate what you’ve done and became a bigger fan. Keep up the blogs. I’ll keep recommending.

  9. Amir says:

    Hi, James! Respect from Russia fans!!!

    • jcolossus says:

      Alright Amir, thanks m8, nice of you to say. Recently did an interview for a russian mma website. Would like to fight there at some point

      • Amir says:

        James, I read your interview and learned about your blog. You are a strong person, not only as an athlete, but also a strong internally. Blog describes you as a versatile person. I would like to wish you a successful new victories and it would be interesting to see your fight in Russia.

  10. Ben G. says:

    Hey James, is that info@megapunk.co.uk address still active? I just tried sending you a note and it got bounced back. Anyway, I’m enjoying Colossal Concerns, so keep it up!

  11. Mark Evans says:

    Well, found this by accident, cracking read so far and bookmarked for future reads as well.

    Nice one dude, keep up the good work.

  12. Adam says:

    Hi James, I love your blog, its great to read about mma from the point of view of a vetern fighter like yourself. I enjoy watching your fights because I can tell you put alot of heart into what you do. I look forward to watching you battle Bobby Lashly at SFL 3, I know you’ll give us a good fight and i can’t wait to see what you do next. Maybe a 3rd fight with Pudzianowski? I think your fans would be very interseted in your plans for upcoming fights. I’m also very curious about who are your top 10 favorite fighters are to watch. I think that would make a very interesting post. Good luck in your fight Colosuss, you’re true warrior.

    • jcolossus says:

      Cheers my friend thanks for reading.

      I’d like to fight Pudz again but since the rant KSW pissed at me.

      Good idea I’ll do something like a top ten most entertaining fighter.

  13. Big it up from Ukraine, James. Wish a goodluck with Lashley!

  14. Will Samuelson says:

    Epic Epic Epic War – big heart man; reminded me of your Pride time and back in the Asian market. You deserved it and a great match up against Lashley. Hope you offered him a pint… Overjoyed for you!

  15. Vinz Clortho says:

    I was recently reading about a shady MMA even that Keith Jardine headlined in the Dominican Republic. He was told a, b, and c about the event, only to find when he showed up that it was strictly amateur hour. The clock was kept on a cell phone. Only 100 people where there. And worst — he was never paid.

    Now, for fighters in one promotion, UFC or Bellator or Strikeforce, they’ve got the security of knowing they’ll be paid and everything is kosher. But I remember Alistair Overeem saying that he got stiffed on his pay (or at least several months later was still waiting for it) from the Dream fight against Todd Duffee. And Dream is a fairly large promotion.

    Now James, how do you deal with this? As a fighter who competes for promotions around the world, how to vette potential promotions who want to hire you? How do you go about ensuring you get paid and the promotion contacting you won’t scam you? Have you had any bad experiences with promoters, or heard of any other horror stories like the Jardine incident?

    I’d love to hear your insight on these matters in a column soon.

    • jcolossus says:

      Yeah that shit can happen.When your fighting on big shows like dream you kind of take it at face value you’ll get paid. Which as you’ve heard isn’t always the case. The only time I’ve never got paid is from a fight that i had in dream. Sorry I should say partially paid. I don’t think with the big org theirs not much you can do unless you’ve heard of fighters not being paid and either not risk taking the fight or not fight at all. With smaller orgs it goes off reputation if you’ve never heard that there’s been a problem in paying fighters you should be ok and hope it they don’t have a promblem paying you.

  16. Abhishek says:

    Hi James,

    After watching you in SFL 3 i am a Big Fan of you now.
    I love your dedication and Respect to the sport.
    Respect from India.
    Punch kick woww!!


  17. Mesa Kushempeng says:

    Love the site mate, really good read. I started reading it not knowing the author. I worked it out when you mentioned some of your fights, then I realised the name of the site. Wicked a whole site of your articles. You’re one of my favourite fighters and now my favourite blogger!

  18. Mike W. says:

    Great site mate! Very good read and your story telling is top notch. Its nice to read a well thought out opinion from someone in the fight game instead of someone watching from the outside. Keep it up man your writing is great.


  19. Luke Corbet says:

    Huge Thompson fan since way back when and am chuffed to discover the blog.

    Loved the Fedor musings.

    Keep up the good work James!

  20. Til Breidenbach says:

    Hi there,
    reading your blog for the first time and must say I like it very much.
    Have to get going now but will come back for more.
    Oh by the way, I always wondered, were you at UFC 99 here in Germany? I think I nearly ran you over (of course it would’ve been the other way round, since I’m not as big haha) when I went back to my seat between fights.

    take care, always enjoy watching your fights and as it seems also reading your thoughts.


  21. Boondock says:

    Always a good read, bro. Love the insights into the fighter’s mind and your angle on the sport of MMA. Life long James Thompson fan here.

  22. Awesome blog, I’m newer to watching mma (even tho i’ve been training for quite some time) and I just kind of knew you as ‘that angry guy who knocked aleks down’ lol…but thank you for your insight into some of the topics frequently argued on mma forums. I also really enjoyed your story about play fighting fedor in the hotel lobby. Looking forward to more posts soon!

  23. This is fantastic. I litterally just blew off like an hour of my work day reading this. I have always enjoyed your ring work, but man you have a talent for writing.

  24. Hey sorry to bother you, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the situation with Jon Jones turning down a title fight with Sonnen, and how the sport has changed since the days of pride’s grand prix where you pretty much had to fight whoever was put in front of you. Any feedback would be nice, I’d just like to hear the opinions of someone who has experience in the fight game, and has been around since the earlier years of the sport.

  25. Jonathan Desmond says:


    I am as thick as a Whale omelette.. How do I register so I get notified when your next blog is out?

    • jcolossus says:

      Hahaha made me laugh, Thanks for getting in touch m8, on the blog itself there should be a grey ‘FOLLOW’ button on the bottom right of your screen, mine is just by the down arrow where you scroll the page. Just press follow and it’s all dne. If you can’t see it, then it might be as you’re on a phone or touchpad. Try it on a laptop or desktop pal

  26. michal says:

    Hi James
    I would like to tell you that there are many polish fans who supports you.
    Pudzianowski maybe was a very good strong man but he is a not MMA fighter at all.
    He is in MMA only for a money , he is not real ,he is such a “Chav” in English way so you can understand better.He is arrogant c***t.
    KSW is all about money James and they keep Pudzianowski becasue people love to watch “freak” fights and without him they couldnt sell enough tickets etc because nobody would like to watch broing anonymous fights.

    Anyway all the Best James:)



  27. Zach says:


    Loving the blog, and the podcast. Been a fan since Pride. Just heard about everything you are doing through JRE podcast and had to check it out. Great stuff.

    I’ve also used Rogan’s podcast as a self-help tool, helping me through my own problems. I completely relate to that. Thanks for all that you do in and out of the cage/ring. I look forward to more great things involving the Colossus.

    All the best


    • jcolossus says:

      Thanks for getting in touch and the kind words. I too am a fan of the JRE so it was cool to go on it. Keep, keeping on my friend and finding positives in shit situations, however small, helps somewhat. Hard when you’re in it but like anything it take effort to become a good habit. Cheers pal

  28. chris says:

    What will to it take for you email a simply reply saying nothing more than “Hello”? Cant believe I’m just finding your site (thank you JRE). You have been a top 3 favorite of mine since I began watching MMA. Also, nobody has been robbed more than you by a longshot. Not kissing ass… just facts. Anyway, is there andway I could get an email from you with any sort of reply? It will be my desktop on the PC for life. Colossus fan for life. Youre a beast bro.

    • jcolossus says:

      Cheers Chris, good of you to say m8. You’re right ,had some shocking decisions but gives me plenty to go on about now haha. Don’t worry about typo’s pal, you’re talking to the king of them!. Thanks for getting in touch

  29. chris says:

    Wow at the typos. A thousand appologies.

  30. Mat Afalva says:

    This is awesome James. You have followers out here, keep posting.

  31. Dod says:

    Great Blog James – love your articles. Keep it up mate!

  32. atelie.tv says:

    Does your website have a contact page? I’m having trouble locting it but,
    I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some
    ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing.

    Eithher way, great site and I loik forward to seeing it expand over time.

  33. Pim says:

    Dear James,

    I am a recreational practicioner of jiu jitsu and mma. I saw an episode of London Real that featured you. Now I am reading your blog. I share your feelings about Billy Robinson’s passing away. I found catch wrestling via a mate of mine on the Internet and we’re now working the moves we see into our game and are actually applying them whilst sparring and they work a treat.

    As someone who only fought taekwondo competition and thought that was scary I greatly admire anyone who is brave enough to step into the ring or cage for an mma match. Also I thought you showed great courage in talking about your fears and uncertainty on London Real.

    I wish you well and will follow your blog and career with interest.



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