This old, tired, semi functioning, bed ridden ‘shitting where it lies’ debate has been given mouth to mouth and resurrected by a man that, funnily enough, fits the above description.

Tyson, real name Luke, called out Cain Velasquez ( The current UFC heavyweight champion) and any other fighter who’d ever put Mma gloves on, in what I think was an attempt to gain some kind of notoriety and get his name out in the States.

Now, I don’t want to go into this too much as I think covered it in my video (which is at the end of my blog), and verbally beating My Fury up is like taking candy from a baby with no arms, I.e. easy to do but you feel bad afterwards.

So instead I want to dissect the question: MMA VS. BOXING

I hate this question. To me it’s not even really a question. True, both are combat sports. True, Boxing is a large part of Mma, True, in both sports you have to be strong physically and mentally to compete but that’s where the similarities end.

It’s like saying ‘which is better, flying in a plane or a helicopter’? I thought this was an obvious thing but with all this Fury nonsense this debate seems to have been reignited, so I’m going to look at both sports and hopefully bring Colossal clarity to the table in regard to this matter.

Oh and please for the love of good could all you Dullards (a hybrid of a dull person and a retard) please stop telling me that if it was a boxing match, Fury would knock me out. Of course he would, like him or not Tyson Fury is a top heavyweight boxer. IF WE FOUGHT BOXING that’s more than likely to happen, but that’s not what he’s saying. He’s saying he can beat any MMA guy in the world.

Like me or not, I’m a high level mma fighter and 8/10 times (I’m being generous here) I’d power double him before choking him out. That isn’t down to my vast skill and knowledge as I know there are semi pros that would do the same to Fury.

Anyway enough of that deluded prick, I’m getting nauseous typing.

On to the topic at hand…. I’ll start with Boxing

First of all Boxing is a tough, really hard sport. Everyone, even Fury, should be given respect for getting in there. You take more damage in Boxing than in Mma because the main target is the head, whereas in Mma if I take a good crack, I can go for a double leg –

(Fury, please take note: this is where I’d lower my level, keeping my back and head straight upright. I’d cover the distance, grabbing behind your knee caps before running you over, like a stream train hurdling towards Bambi (you) producing a cheap, ugly, messy bit of road kill (also you)

– whereas in boxing your options are very limited. Also in Boxing if you get KO’d you get 10 seconds to get your head together before your opponent tries to take your head off again (Untold damage can be done in this way). In Mma the fight is over.

Now please… I’m not saying this is a good or a bad thing, I’m just stating the differences between the two sports as people seem to have trouble differentiating between the two.

When I first started Mma I thought Mma was harder to learn as you have to master more sports and mange to amalgamate them successfully to be a complete Mma fighter.

Rewind a little and look at what I was saying about boxing being a more physically damaging sport. Attacks in Boxing are limited to the body and head. As boxing is restricted to only striking with hands then Boxers, unsurprisingly, get very good at it. Shifting their body weight, head movements, the lot.

Mma fighters simply can’t spend the amount of time on any one discipline with this kind of attention to detail. Mma is so hard as you’re taking so many different disciplines and making them into one, spending limited time trying to master all of them individually before merging them together. Ironically this makes a Mma fight easier in a way as you often have other options to fall back on should one of your combat disciplines let you down. If you get rocked during stand up, you can take to the floor etc.

With Sports like Boxing it’s solely focused on the Boxing (hence the name) and one of the things that makes Boxing hard is that most boxers are at a very good level. Because of this most Boxers that take it seriously will be at a very good standard which means, with the limited options available, they’re sure to be landing heavy shots and an individual’s body can only take so much punishment. The points of impact in Boxing will mostly be focused on the head/brain.

It’s really hard to say one is harder than the other as they’re both very different sports that share some similarities.

I think this goes some way as to why some boxers hold Mma in such low regard. They see the Mma striking and are, generally, less than impressed. When it comes to Wrestling, Ju, Jit su or any other type of grappling, because they don’t KNOW what it is they look at it in a way as to pass it off as men rolling around hugging, rather than seeing it for WHAT it is. Men rolling around with the ability to “hug” you to death. I know not all boxers think this way; I’m just talking about the lowest common denominator.

So we’ve covered that the sports are different. While there are more disciplines in Mma, Boxing is in some ways more intricate as there’s less to focus on.

And that Tyson (Luke) Fury is a loud mouth Dullard (a hybrid of a retarded, dull person)

So now we’re all on the same page. Here’s the video (for those who haven’t seen it & even for those that have) of me asking Tyson (Luke) Fury. A Colossal question….

Where does delusion start and promotion end???

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47 thoughts on “MMA vs. BOXING

  1. You are the man James! Keep watching those DVDs😉. Your fights are always entertaining, and that is what the fans love to see!

  2. Matheus89 says:

    Hey James, nice article. I agree with your points, and i’m glad someone replied to that douche Tyson Fury. Don’t get me wrong I love boxing and i am a boxer myself but that guy is just stupid.

    BTW, what’s the backstory about that thing you always do in fights and videos, ya know the colossal dance at the end of the video here. hahaa

    Keep good work. I’ll be looking foward for your next videos too.

    • jcolossus says:

      Cheers m8, glad as a boxer you can see it not about which is pretty that arguement makes no sense and neither does Fury I hope I’ve highlighted this.

      Hahaha the colossus dance Hahahaha Forst time I’ve heard that. That just something I do to get me focused for the fights

    • jcolossus says:

      Cheers Pal, good of you to say. It was just something I started doing, which helps me get my mind in the right place and is something a little bit different to help people remember me by. Thanks for comments m8

    • jcolossus says:

      Thanks for the kind words appreciated

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  4. seoandmma says:

    WEAR do I get one of your T-Shirts!? Great post too mate, keep up the good work:) I had forgot about the Ray Mercer fight. Big Timmy was still a great champ! (altho comes across as a bellend on Twitter)

    • jcolossus says:

      T-shirts are on the way as well as a website to put the blog, podcast,book, vids and up coming mma comedy sketches. Stay tune pal, I’m on it. Tim had a great careers and should be proud

  5. Terry Morgan says:

    What happened to the take down on Butterbean??? Your full of shit and punch drunk. If you could nt get near a fat, never been no good boxer like Butterbean how you doing it to Tyson. I don’t doubt there are people in mma who could nt, but you got no chance. To quote a commentator on one of your fights… ‘Thompson problem is his jaw is made from the same stuff as Cinderella slipper…’ And because you’re thick as shit let me spell it out for you. GLASS. Plus I know full well you never writ the blog as you’re struggling to string a sentence together. Self promoting only works when you got the talent. You had your chance and got knocked the fuck out time after time.
    Do yourself a favour and stick to security work. Take £40 a night rather than lose the last few brain cells you got left.

    • jcolossus says:

      Thank you, I mean it because if you wade though all the vile shit you spew I find. The best compliment anyone can give. You said “I know full well you didn’t writ your blog” So you think it good, thank when someone so full of hate say that it means a lot. All the best

      P.S it’s Write not writ

    • JW says:

      Terry “Keyboard Assassin” Morgan.
      Special move – sitting behind a computer and living his life vicariously by criticising someone who’s got off his arse and put himself on the line.

      • jcolossus says:

        The fight got stopped before I could even go for takedown and that was a fucking joke, almost as much as your existence Terry Morgan..

        AMEN JW

  6. JW says:

    Good post James. Why no mention of the legendary first ever MMA vs Boxing match where Ali faced Inoki in Japan ?
    A few questions I have, that I’m sure a lot of people ask you.
    1. What’s written on your arms?
    2. As a seasoned veteran, what are your remaining career goals – who’d you (realistically) like to fight?
    I reckon Sylvia, Minowaman and Arloski are realistic targets and would be good to watch.
    Anyway, alway fun to watch you fight, keep enjoying it and retire before you take too much panium to the cranium….

    • jcolossus says:

      I didn’t mention it because it was hardly a proper fight it was terrible.

      1, On my left foreman is the serenity prayer and the date I last gambled it’s crossed out twice and a knew date written their

      2, I not sure what realistical is as it will be different to you and me, for me theirs is no limits. Now I’m on the right track and stopped gambling. So we’ll see. Like I said your realistic is different to mind. Which of course it will be as you don’t know what’s going on with me

      • JW says:

        Thanks for sharing the info on your tattoos, big guy. And well done on giving up the gambling.
        On the goals thing, no disrespect meant. I don’t think Beckham would be insulted if I said, where next? Sydney FC rather than Man United. So same rationale to my suggestions. I’m in Australia, so maybe consider an appearance in the CFC?
        Can I ask how your paycheck compared in Pride compared to India with the SFL, and how did the fans compare?
        Cheers JW

      • jcolossus says:

        I don’t really talk about money I get for fights, one of the only things I keep private ha! I’d love to fight in Aus, I’m not with SFL anymore and will be fit soon so who knows, I could get over there. Thanks for reading blogs pal, appreciate it

  7. Gary (Scotland) says:

    Like yourself James I’m well and truly fed up of the boxing versus MMA “debate”, and I put debate in inverted commas because fanboys shouting at each other “oh my gawd ur so stoopid, ur sport sucks ahahha!!1” barely qualifies as such in my book. The simple truth however is that as long as the two sports exist then their respective fans will ensure that the relationship between the two ranges from an uneasy truce to all out war.

    Fury’s remarks were ignorant at best and asinine at worst, they are however just one salvo in a very long running dispute which has seen both sides respond in kind. Take for example the remarks made by JDS a few months ago that “I could knock out Klitschko”; just as many boxers were finally starting to warm to MMA the ruling UFC heavyweight champion comes out and makes a ridiculous statement like that and any amount of goodwill and respect which had been built up between the two groups is immediately lost in a sea of fanboy bitching.

    I think the core of the problem is that before MMA came along the PPV market existed in a happy dichotomy between boxing and pro-wrestling: if people wanted to watch a fight they bought a boxing PPV, if they wanted to watch entertainment dressed as fighting they bought a WWE PPV and there generally wasn’t too much overlap. MMA as the new boy on the scene and has grabbed a large portion of that PPV pie making both the more established sports (or “sport” in the case of pro-wrestling) feel threatened; it is notable that the WWE has also been vocal in the past with it’s criticism of UFC (despite an allegedly cozy relationship between Dana White and Vince McMahon) whereas it rarely has much if anything to say about boxing.

    So what is the solution? Well there probably isn’t one, at least in the short term; one just has to hope that as the market matures that the two (three if we include pro-wrestling) sports realise that they can happily co-exist and that it is even possible to be a fan of both.

    Oh and since I’m here let me just say that I’m a big fan, never seen a boring James Thompson fight probably because you’ve never been in one. All the best!

    • jcolossus says:

      Very well side. most people who go on about boxing bs MMA are clueless fool and no nothing of eire r in Fury case he’s trolling for attention or he really is that stupid (not 100% sure)There’s defiantly room for all three and each bring something different to the table. Thanks for the comment

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  9. Dan Peters says:

    Nice, Video, nice Blog. I doubt Fury would want to actually cross over without a ground game. As big as he is he wouldn’t stand a chance, if he does choose to get in the cage, big ups, props, hats off and all of that to him. Do you tweet this blogs? I ran across this through an email from Twitter and would like to continue reading your posts. Notification would be great. All the best man.

    • jcolossus says:

      Cheers m8. Tyson went quiet after offering out mma fighters and getting some stick for it and I agree, Mma is tough, tougher than someone like him appreciates which is why I called him up on his shit talking to other fighters.I tweet the blog m8 but easiet way to get notified is by subscribing to the blog. That way you get it before I post it out on the social netwotking sites and forums. Thanks for kind comments

  10. chris mma says:

    don’t forget that it is not just better grappling that can make an mma fighter beat a boxer, some are also great muay thia fighters and kickboxers and could out strike a boxer, the typical boxing stance is open to getting their legs destroyed by kicks, and taking their foot work and power away. puss dirty boxing, like when anderson clinches with people and starts throwing those knee’s up. so my point is lots of mma fighters have an advantage on the feet aswell, 2 weapons (fists) vs 8 weapons ( fists, feet, elbows, knee’s).

    • jcolossus says:

      Of course, I agree

    • RichDres says:

      This is a silly comparison. You make it sound like an MMA vs Boxer would both conform to THEIR sport’s rules while fighting each other LOL. What makes you think that if a boxer faced an MMA fighter in the street, that he/she would not use elbows, legs etc..? I prefer boxing because I grew up with it, and it just interest me more. MMA IMO is a street fight, and if you’re going to street fight, it should be on the damn street. Also, if I am going to street fight, I am coming at you with whatever I can get my hands on – tire irons, garbage cans, you name it….

      • jcolossus says:

        I agree, it is a silly comparison but not for the same reason you do. If a boxer started using elbows or kicks or goes for a take down which would be un-wise he then be doing mma (badly) It’s silly but that’s what people say all the time which is why I addressed it

        The next bit of your post is were you go full retard. Calling mma a street fight is really going some were I you from the fucking 1990’s. Back in the day when the sport was finding its feet didn’t have the whole host of rules and restriction it had now you would of had a better arguement but now your simply an uneducated fool who hasn’t a clue or your a troll saying uneducated foolish comments. Tire irons and garbage cans eh wow you forgot the steel chair. Go back to watching WWE dullard

  11. Rob Stewart says:

    This is what you put about Katie Price …

    When I see Katie Price/Jordan I just see unhappiness with fake tits and to much make up on. I really do, she seems so lost in her destructive fame cycle that chomps away at her soul, which is auction off daily. She can’t be happy it impossible even though shes done so well at making money doing what she does. She always wants more FAME (its like a out of control coke habit, only worse) and that when she get the FAME she complaints about the press. Their two disgusting beasts feeding off each other. She’s just got marriage again, someone need to tell her you can’t plan your life like it’s reality tv even if your life is constantly being filmed. It doesn’t work like that. As she get older and she ages unless she get help it won’t end well for her at all. If she saw this i would be written off as jealous or a hater. She has lost any self awareness. I hope her family, do what family should do and point this out to her ( maybe slightly more in a more gentle tactile way)

    You really are a poofter to worry about what she does in her life when it doesnt even affect you. What is it to you what she does? Does she need your APPROVAL? No she doesnt as you dont need her approval about how you should live your life so you need to stop being a sissy & get on living your own pathetic sad life than worrying what she does with her life … Get a grip as your like a bitch with putting that about her … I dont even like Katie Price & I dont like it that people like you make her life your business … At least she’s never attacked you like that so she’s a better person than you as she doesnt stoop to your level … By the way you blogs that you do are so fucking boring they’d send an insomniac to sleep … Sad over inflated ego twat.

    • jcolossus says:

      Yes I did put this. If you disagree why don’t you say why than we could have a convo about it, you could say what you think and I could tell you why your wrong. Haha seriously m8, if you don’t like something no problem. But just insulting me with out backing it up and just coping and pasting what I wrote doesn’t cut it. Hope to here from you soon.

  12. Andrei_87 says:

    Hello James ! When will your next fight in MMA ?

  13. chris rini says:

    “I’m like the alchemist, but with shit.” Brillians, James. Still interested in working together, but i understand that you have so much going on. Wishing you continued success.

  14. Hello, It is one nice post, thanks.

  15. tom jackley says:

    Oh the irony. James ‘COLLOSUS’ Thompson lost to Two Boxers in Kimbo Slice and Butterbean. Yes, butterbean. Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol. Imagine what Tyson Fury would do to you.

    “in Mma if I take a good crack, I can go for a double leg” – Yes, that worked against aforementioned didn’t it. lololololol

    James, just stick to being a doorman. You are a joke of an mma fighter.

  16. dustin says:

    i agree with this 100 percent… a top boxer could do awesome in mma just like any k-1 fighter or something given he took it seriously and trained on everything and became well-rounded… but at the same time, boxing is just that, one of many disciplines that are out there… you have to work on everything or you wont do good in mma at all, unless u get a lucky punch that is… i was the 3rd highest ranked boxer in my country and beat national champions as well, i’ve also street fought a lot and trained in mma, and you must work on everything.

  17. Eddie Gomez vs Francisco Santana Boxing and it will be held on Friday 6th June 2014

  18. Yudel Jhonson vs Norberto Gonzalez Boxing and it will be held on Friday 6th June 2014

  19. Bruno says:

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  20. DECI BELLS says:

    If a boxer such as toney has the guts to go into a ring with a wrestler.
    Then the wrestler should show the same courage and courtesy and go into the boxing ring with the boxer.
    That is only fair..
    But if that happens then the wrestler will get destroyed in the boxing combat.
    Toney should not have agreed to this fight unless mma had offered their man to box.
    A snooker player vs. a pool player.
    The only way you can decide Is if they both meet each half way.
    And both play each other at each others sport.

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