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Part 2.. CFS (Cage Fighter Syndrome)


I spoke about WFS (Wannabe Fighter Syndrome) on my last blog and now to the more intricate of the Syndromes…  Cage Fighter Syndrome (CFS) I split these two subject up as although there’s a lot of similarities between them, they are also quite different and This way you can easily digest the wisdom I humbly impart to you.
Ok lets go, first off what is CFS? A CFS sufferer is a man, who after having a couple of fights starts to think of himself as the Tsunami of the MMA World, destroying anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path, only leaving broken people and minds in his wake.
The major difference between CFS (Cage Fighter Syndrome) and WFS (Wannabe Fighter Syndrome) is that CFS Sufferers do actually fight, where as WFS just talk about it (if you don’t know what a WFS is- please read part one of this blog). Think of CFS as a slightly upgraded version of a WFS.
As much as it pains me to say this, and it does have to be said, they have to be given a bit of respect. Say what you will about them, they do get in there and fight. Whether they fight with Skill and flair or in a panicky, clumsy unabashed, wind-milling sort of way is another matter but they do get in there to fight, which in it’s self is a hard thing to do.
I think CFS first starts occurring when said fighter, after training a while, fancies getting in the ring/cage and pitting his skills in the Ultimate Arena of Manliness… The MMA Cage, which lets face it, is not only scary but possibly damaging, not only to their health but also to their the ego. To protect the latter, which in males can be a noticeably fragile and delicate thing (if you don’t believe me ask any female who knows you). I believe you build up a kind of fortress to protect this delicate and valuable of instruments.
I consider myself a very realistic person who can see things for what they are, however I remember way back when I first started MMA, Rolling, Sparring etc. I had only been ‘training’ For a couple of weeks and then happened to watched the likes of Nog and Fedor ( on you guessed it.. DVD’S)  and I remember thinking  “yeah ok I get it they’re better than me, but I’m not a million miles away”…  Oh Dear!!! How very wrong I was!   I remember my first ever fight, I thought to myself ” let’s just get in there and see if I can do this”. I remember that in the fight I was slipping, fainting, pitting together a few combos, I was pretty much  nailing it… I won…  I was excited!!.. I then watched the DVD  back and I’ll never forget the shock I got from what I saw. Instead of a light footed better looking version of Van Damme, I was watching what seemed to be a confused tired person,  falling at my opponent with all the grace and skill of a drunken bear on ice skates.. I was truly shocked at what I saw and I really do consider myself to be well grounded. After I saw this I WOKE UP and realised this MMA thing wasn’t quite as easy as I had thought it to be..
Some people (CFS sufferers) never ‘wake up’… They never take off the Rose tinted glasses and see themselves subjectively. Maybe that’s because if they did take off the shades of rosiness they would realise they are at a much lesser level in MMA than they think they are and the already scary world of this Sport somehow gets that much more scarier. So they keep those tinted glasses firmly in place, as it keeps the ego safe and warm, large and intact.
This is where it gets complicated. Every fighter has, and HAS to have an element of CFS because you have to believe you CAN win and in some cases you’re out gunned, out matched and all you have is that belief.. You can be anything you want to be if you believe it in your head, and you need to believe in yourself when you do MMA or any sport, but what i’m trying to show in my first fight example is don’t let that positive mental outlook turn into Self denial and a general unhealthy belief that your the seconding coming of Chuck Norris!
Now as much as i can understand a lot of things, one thing i don’t understand and puzzles me most is Something you might recognise and Is what i consider to be one of the most spine tinglingly cringe worthy things CFS Sufferers do,  They push the boundaries of absurdness by not only slagging off other fighters, but incredibly, much better fighters than themselves! It’s all tied in with them being disillusioned.. In one case  that comes to mind, A sufferer of CFS (who shall remain faceless) started commenting that Alistair Overeem’s stand up was overrated, this was after he (Alistair) had won the K1 HW Tournament!! At the time  the deluded CFS sufferer in question had only a handful of Wins.  He is so far removed from reality at this point, that when i see comments like this, it makes my soul cringe for them.
 Another story I have to share with you, and I swear every word is god’s honest truth, was when the world’s worst ever CFS sufferer that has surely existed (he was almost flat lining due to being riddled with the disease so bad), managed to corner me and explain to me, in great worrying detail, that he genuinely thought he was the re-incarnation of Bruce Lee. Upon hearing this I literally spat my protein shake out and went to congratulate him on making me laugh, however there was no congratulations to be had, as all that met me was the steely eyed glare of insanity. The CFS sufferer in question, didn’t even blink or react and just continued with his diatribe of nonsense. This sufferer was the king, no god, of all CFS sufferers, your more common a garden sufferer’s however, are like the  the David Brents (lead role- in the UK version of ‘The Office’) of the MMA world.
So what the solution? The solution my friends is REALITY and trying to keep those with CFS in it.. but this in it self is a  difficult issue. If someone would have opened my eyes and given me a dose of reality back when I started MMA ten years ago, I’d have never of stepped in the cage. You don’t want to shock the system with to much reality  all in one go, you need to drip feed it to them to enable them to consume the reality without it destroying the ‘ego’ which is one of their most valuable assets at this early point in their MMA career…. So then i hear you ask, if the ego is so valuable early on in said fighters career… why risk saying anything at all?? Because, if you drip feed them that ‘real shit’ in tiny bite sized chunks, when reality comes knocking, and it will, in the form of a 8oz glove to the face!!  If the steps i have listed have been followed, the sufferer of CFS will have a shorter distance to fall from, hence making it easier to get back on the saddle so to speak .  It’s fine being 3-0 against part time fighters, but as you keep fighting and progressing in the sport which is surely the aim, your opponents will get better and if you’re suffering from full blown CFS, the ass whipping that you receive will come as a nasty shock.
Speaking as i have to a vast array of people about this disease and the carriers of it. I’ve noticed that usually people are split into into two camps.
The first camp will take the more sympathetic view towards CFS sufferers -highlighting the points about it being a scary thing to step in the cage- and that all of the bullshit that is churned out by them is simply that, bullshit that the CFS sufferer uses to  cushion his ego. Then there’s the camp that has no sympathy for them what so ever and figures that they’re beyond help and the vast majority of CFS sufferers coincidently also have a nasty case of arsehole-ightis, so they sit back and enjoy watching the CFS sufferers painful fall from grace.
Which camp do i fall in to?? Well although i see great points in both side of the arguments (and no it’s not just because i wrote them both) i don’t fall in either as i view WFS and CFS as sick people with disease like symptoms more serious than any flu. So when i witness these unfortunate mortals, i feel genuinely sorry for them… Just like i would for any sick person and i wish them well from afar, because all though WFS or CFS isn’t contagious.. it is painful for you to be around.
Thanks for reading. My next blog will be out on Friday and every following Friday there after the next topic i’m tackling is what place if any does Traditional Martial Art’s have in MMA

Part 1 of 2 WFS (Wannabe Fighter Syndrome)

Welcome to my blog, a place were I can free up some space in my head by releasing into the world some thoughts, ideas and general musings on a vast array of topics that have puzzled, interested and irritated me  in equal measure, over the years. I’ve come to the realisation  that I have to unburden myself  in some way  and  if I carry on using my long suffering  girlfriend as a sounding board she’ll  soon be my ex long suffering girlfriend. So here I am, in the warm fuzzy embrace of the Internet.

Part 1.
Wannabe Fighter Syndrome/Cage Fighter Syndrome:  The  first of the  subjects I’d like to tackle in my blog is in two parts. It’s something I’ve seen steadily on the rise, with increasing worry  in my ten years in the great sport of MMA, and needs to be put under the microscope, scrutinised and dealt with before it takes hold and destroys any more innocent lives.
So…. where to begin,  well it’s a syndrome that I’ve called, no … diagnosed as… ‘WFS’ ( wannabe fighter syndrome)  and ‘CFS’ (cage fighter syndrome).
I’m going to talk you though some of the finer points of these two syndromes, so you can easily spot some of the danger signs in those that have been afflicted by this terrible disease whether it be a friend, family member  or god forbid YOU. There is no need to fear though, as there is a beacon of  hope  at the end of the tunnel in the form of this blog that will cast a light upon these troublesome syndromes to highlight, tackle and defeat these truly sickining afflictions.
So first off WFS (wannabe fighter syndrome), even though there are a lot of similarities  between WFS and CFS (cage fighter syndrome) self denial being at the top of the list, It’s quite easy to tell them apart. First off, WF’s  (wannabe fighter’s) won’t actually EVER fight, they’ll just talk and talk Ad nauseaum about “cage  fighting”. WF’s will even go as far as organising said fight but ultimately, like a lot of guys who are starting their MMA careers will testify to, come fight day they have  been left ‘high and dry’  with nothing but  excuses ringing in their ears. If your a serious fighter starting out in the world of MMA it’s best to familiarise yourself with some of the excuses, which will be winging their way towards you from the WF’ers you will unfortunately meet… or in this case not meet.
Firstly the more common garden variety excuse of “I’ve injured myself while training and the injury seemed to have flared up on the  day of the fight ” to the more flamboyant of excuses where the WFS’s  go all out with “I’d like to fight but my manager (he manages himself ) has just informed me that the UFC have been scouting me ( he’s never fought) and are poised to offer me a development contract (which doesn’t exist)
Another classic mistake he’ll make, since he’s not actually a fan of the sport but rather what it represents to dullards like himself, will be calling MMA  ‘UFC’  or ‘Cage Fighting’ not the actual name ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ as they’ve either never heard of it by it’s correct terminology or if they have heard of it, chose to ignore it as it doesn’t sound ‘hardcore’ enough for them.
He’ll also adorn himself with various clothing decorated with skulls, flames and crosses. Just in case you’re blind or somehow miss him, he’ll be the one red faced and screaming  fuck all very loudly while watching the “Cage fighting”. Breaking down to any unfortunate soul who is present with a set of ears, the list of mistakes the losers and winners have made, that the steely eyes of this trained killing machine has noticed.
Really, as hard as it is, these people should be pitied to a certain extent as their afflicted with an ‘overactive self denial gene’. You can witness people i believe to have this overactive gene.  Just flick on the TV and watch the X Factor or any of the other primetime reality TV shows and there you will surely witness some ‘no hoper’ wheeled out for everyone’s general amusement, glassy eyed with conviction and awash in the powerful substance that is…. self denial. The WF’s are those people who instead of singing have decided to boost their self esteem through the world of MMA. So much so, they will base their whole persona on a twisted  image/ideal of what they’ve created in there limited landscape of a mind rather than  face the cold hard reality that unfortunately  greets them every morning when they look in the mirror.
It’s tempting to just leave them to their fantasy world where the legends of MMA speak in hushed tones around the gym about the ‘God’ like Fat Pale Kid with social problems who will one day put down the play station controller, leave his bedroom and take the MMA world in-between his overdeveloped thumbs and crush all naysayers.
However I did mention pity earlier and this very much depends on the extend of the illness. For example if I were talking about afore mentioned fat kid, who rarely leaves his bedroom, takes a Ju Jitsu class every blue moon before tapping out to Asthmatic problems. Whilst it is annoying to hear him spout on about his future UFC Title Reign there is no real harm done (apart from to your ear drums) plus a WF of this nature, when it comes to the crunch knows his physical limitations and is afraid of getting out of breath, never mind getting hurt.
So, unless they get run over by a bus on the way to training, all is well.
I’m talking here about the more advanced cases of WF’s where the said subject trains fairly often and arranges fights before a sudden death in the family etc etc. Now it’s your duty when you train with such people to go heavy and hard, i’m not talking about taking they’re head off or bullying anyone, i’m just saying be sure to make them realise as best you can that this is a hard sport and while your not trying to intentionally hurt them, if they ever run out of pretend family members that pass away and actually man up and fight, the person they’re fighting will. That way self denial will be smashed and they can either improve or go back to the Play Station.
Now before I attempt to dissect this more complicated of the syndromes.  I have to make a few things clear. When I mentioned I was starting a blog and this was my first topic I got a few response that went along the lines of ” yeah make sure you mention the likes of Brock Lensar and Alex Reid” which ironically I wasn’t going to mention at all until  they mentioned to me, to mention them, but now i feel have to mention them…  phew did that make sense, i’m not to sure, anyway they don’t have anything to do with the topic I’m addressing but seeing as they came up they’re good examples of how I think people get confused. First off Brock Lesnar fought a former UFC champion on his second fight and had won the UFC HW Title by his sixth fight. He isn’t suffering with either syndrome. Just because he was in the WWE doesn’t detract from what he has achieved in MMA which is alot in a short amount of time, same goes for Alex Reid if you actually take the time to watch some of his fights you’ll see he’s one tough mofo who has had some great wars in his MMA career. It doesn’t matter who he marries or what dress he might be wearing this week, you can’t take these facts away.
I don’t want to concentre too much on the WFS’s as anyone with an ounce of foresight and intelligence can see them for what they really are and if you can’t, you deserve to be bombarded 24/7 with the insane ramblings that is spewed out indiscriminately at anyone in a 500 metre radius. As annoying and gut churningly irritating they are, you will always come across such people no matter where you are in the globe and dealing and putting up with them i like to think, is part of our evolution as humans. This helps me cope.
Will be KO-ing .. CFS (Cage Fighter Syndrome) in Part 2, unleashed in a couple of days!

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